Saturday, January 19, 2013

The promise

As promised I have spent some time making a tutorial. It's a 3 part demonstration of Maya 2013's interface and I cover a little bit of workflow and shortcuts. It's the first video tutorial I ever did and it was quite hard to do, I had to make quite some retakes. It's especially hard to keep thinking of things to say and at the same time maintain some structure in what I do. I learned a lot from doing this.
I've shared this with my co-students and they seem to like it a lot so I'll try to make some more specific ones in the future.

 Anyway here's part 1:

Also, I came across this great blog called Frame by Frame where you can see some sequences of animation movies frame by frame and in .gif. Very interesting to take a look at and see how great animators tackled some of their shots.

Go check it out here:

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