Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pacific Recon Bot

For our Preproduction class we had to design a 'pacific recon robot' based on a game console. My design was based on the 'Barcode Battler', some silly handheld device that read cards and barcodes and made enemies out of them (like evil toothbrushes etc). This is my final illustration.

You can check out the console and others over here:

TF2 Spy weapon

Dug this up from under the dust. It's a pencil weapon for the Spy.
I never finished it because importing it into source gave me a headache and I couldn't figure out a couple of things. Still think it's kinda neat though, so here ya go!

Friday, February 4, 2011

cityscene turnaround

Made a turnaround animation for my lowpoly cityscene as well. My apologies for the crappy quality, but enjoy anyway :)

lowpoly props

So here are a few closeup renders of some of the props I made. Hope you likey!

Created this lowpoly "cityscene" for my 3D exam.
It's supposed to be Amsterdam in winter. Textures are diffuse only (except for the fancy car shader). I'll upload some close ups as well. :)

Concept design of a makeshift murderweapon. :)
It had to be made out of tools you could find in a garage.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

first post

Just to get started, here's an old paint from ref of a famous blues singer called John Lee Hooker.