Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Artgame Weekend 2012

Me and my friend Dylan decided to go to the ArtGame weekend in Tourcoing, France.
It was a contest where we had to make an artgame (focussing on visuals/emotion/experimentation...) in less than a weekend. The first hours we shared our pitches and groups were formed. We were a group of 4 DAEers (out of 8 who came) and one French gentleman who did the sound design. Then all hell was unleashed.
We had one programmer scripting our game in Unity, he must have had a hard time implementing everything in less than 24hs, not getting any sleep basically. Luckily we managed to get even on the art side of things pretty soon, not having to discuss too much about style etc. But in the end the result was quite nice and we had a great time.

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