Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back from the grave

It seems keeping a blog is more difficult than I thought... kinda neglected it over the past few months. But I managed to crawl out of my grave and decided to dig this feller back up as well.

Sooooooooooo.... lots of stuff happened in the meantime. I guess the biggest reason for my disappearance is that I didn't really have the 'jazz' for creating art stuff so much this year, compared to last year. I spent a great deal of time developing my guitar playing on my own and definitely saw great progress. Also I spent more time with my friends getting to know them better (i.e going out and having fun), which is something I didn't do a lot last year. I kinda feel like I'm finding myself again. Of course all that great stuff comes with a price: less time for Art.

Now, it's not all lost, don't be afraid :). I've decided to throw myself back into the game, and I'll show you some of the stuff I've worked on in following posts.

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