Thursday, June 23, 2011

Character design

So here are my finals of a character I designed that would fit in the 1930's Great Depression era. The HBO series 'Carnivale' was the main source of inspiration. This series is about a traveling freak show circus, where a lot of the characters are disfigured and/or have special powers of some sort.

This character is called Colonel Kentucky, he is a war veteran who became a bit crazy after the war, and he totally adores chickens! He also batters and fries them.
He has a weird disease that gives him the ability to lay eggs and causes him to grow red colored tumors on his head and throat, which makes him look more and more like a chicken. When the tumors are ripe, they burst open and sprout delicious soft boiled eggs... mmmmmm mmm! He earns his money by entertaining people in the circus, and by selling chicken as yummie food.

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